Platinum Resort


We Provide A Family Model Of Care

This means that each resident and family member become part of our family. Family members get to know each other and become part of an internal support group.

Residents enjoy all levels of activities and are tailored to each individuals’ level of care. We offer activities for each level.

Platinium Resort PRINCIPLE PETALS. The five petals in our logo, aren’t just pretty, they each hold a specific purpose. We want to create a space where each resident feels loved, encouraged and supported. We impart this through our 5 Principles Petals:

1. Purpose / Spiritual Health – We support bible readings, prayer time and worship.

2. Community Involvement – We work with other non-profits to uplift our Georgetown Community.

3. Physical Activity – We encourage movement through various chair exercises, or walking through our various gardens.

4. Mental Exercise – We hold daily brain stimulation activities including word games, puzzles and card games.

5. Nutrition – We focus on daily delicious, brain-boosting meals provided by our on-site chef.

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